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Vivify Trucks will revolutionize the trucking industry, making existing trucks smarter, more efficient, and safer on roads. With our kits, operators of large-haul trucks will be able to operate with a sense of wellbeing.

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To achieve this, we are developing a kit that can be installed on virtually any truck and will be able to autonomously control, drive, and perform operations with little or no assistance from the driver.

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Our kit and technology will be designed to withstand and work in adverse weather conditions, including strong winds, rain, snow, fog, etc.

About Us

Vivify Trucks will develop hardware/software to retro-fit large semi-trucks (class 8) in the future with Level III (eyes-off) self-driving technology to alleviate driver fatigue and reduce accidents involving large trucks. With our kit, truck operators will be able to operate large-haul trucks with a sense of wellbeing. We are the first self-driving semi-truck company to focus on the North of USA and the South of Canada.

We build and train our algorithms for:

  • 1) Front/back sensors
  • 2) Laser scanners
  • 3) Radars
  • 4) Cameras
  • 5) Ultrasonic sensors
  • 6) Image-processing systems
  • 7) Distance and collision warning systems
  • 8) Automatic emergency braking
  • 9) Intelligent cruise control
  • 10) Lane departure warning and prevention
  • 11) Lane keeping assist
  • 12) Lateral support for road departure
  • 13) Blind spot warning
  • 14) Lane keeping assist
  • 15) Cross traffic alert, traffic sign recognition
  • 16) Automatic High Beam/Low Beam
  • 17) Glare-free high beam
  • 18) Real-Time Traffic Management Systems
  • 19) Active Traffic Management
  • 20) Dynamic Signage
  • 21) Traffic Incident Detection and Response
  • 22) Road Weather Information
  • 23) Public Transportation Optimization
  • 24) Road Accident Prevention
  • 25) Accident Detection
  • 26) Fuel theft detection
  • 27) Emissions Management
  • 28) Road Hazard Identification and Safety Planning
  • 29) Vehicle Health Monitoring
  • 30) GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • 31) Remote Diagnostics
  • 32) Automated Parking Payments
  • 33) Fuel Management
  • 34) Hours of Service Tracking for Compliance
  • 35) Vehicle Usage Monitoring
  • 36) Predictive Maintenance
  • 37) Remote Disable Support
  • 38) Residual Value Optimization
  • 39) High-Definition Maps
  • 40) Road Sign Updates
  • 41) Location Intelligence
  • 42) Navigation
  • 43) EV Charging Station Recommendations
  • 44) Simplified Trip Planning
  • 45) Proactive Driver Alerts
  • 46) Charging Load Management
  • 47) EV Charging Site Planning
  • 48) Usage-Based Insurance
  • 49) Driver Behavior Monitoring and Feedback
  • 50) Mileage Verification
  • 51) First Notice of Loss, Claim, and Incident Reporting
  • 52) Accident Reconstruction
  • 53) Trouble Code Monitoring
  • 54) Health Indicator Monitoring
  • 55) Early Insight into Problems
  • 56) Problem Alerting
  • 57) Open Space Detection
  • 58) Dealership Maintenance
  • 59) Economic Trend Analysis
  • 60) Roadside Assistance
  • 61) Truck-as-a-Wallet
  • 62) In-Vehicle Delivery
  • 63) Fueling or EV Charging on Demand.
  • 64) On-Demand Truck Check-up
  • 65) On-Demand Washing Service
  • 66) etc.
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    Our Design Facility


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    We will be located in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

    Our Founding Team

    Team Member

    Jonathan Després,
    LinkedIn Profile
    Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

    Team Member

    Norvin B. Cuentas,
    LinkedIn Profile
    Bellevue, WA, USA

    Our teams’ skills at Vivify Trucks Inc. currently, that we know we utilize:

    1) Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Visualization using Tableau, Big Data Management, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

    2) Python, R (Programming Language), C++

    3) Tensorflow, YOLO

    4) Business Analysis

    5) Application building using Python in Tkinter

    6) Convolutional Neural Network, Region Based Convolutional Neural Networks, Natural Language Programming, Artificial Neural Network

    7) WebApp development: Django, Flask

    8) A system based on development boards (Arduino, Node MCU, Bluechip, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Edison…)

    9) Proteus, P-Spice, HFSS

    10) Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee, LoRa, Lidar etc.

    11) Programming firmware of Microcontroller & embedded C

    12) AWS

    13) Electronics Hardware Architecture

    14) PCB layout designing, providing GERBER 3D files using Altium, EAGLE, Kicad, EasyEDA…

    15) Autocad/ Autodesk 3ds Max/ Solid Works

    16) Relational Database Management Systems: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL

    17) OpenCV, PyTorch

    18) ETL pipelines for storing data into cloud-based data warehouses

    19) STL, Keras, Caffe, Qt

    20) MATLAB, SQL

    21) AWK, sed, Unix Shell

    22) Linux, Windows

    23) StereoVision, SSD, NumPy

    24) pandas

    25) PyQt, TeamCity, Gerrit, Git

    26) Apache Archiva, JaCoCo, Perforce, Redmine, SonarQube

    27) UML, xWiki, OTRS

    28) Mikro C

    29) LUA

    30) Atmel Studio

    31) Keil

    32) ARM

    33) PIC

    34) AVR

    35) ESP

    36) GCC

    37) Creating Schematics

    38) PCB in Proteus

    We can give you more information on our team (The Vivify Trucks Family) if you are interested.

    Product Concept


    For other videos of our early concept and prototype work please visit our YouTube Channel.

    The benefits of our product:

    With our future low cost tool, we will be able to:

    1) Reduce fuel/energy consumption (between 30% to 35%)

    2.a) Reduce accidents (by up to 90%)

    2.b) Cope with WIND, ROAD CRACKS, SNOW & ICE

    3) Reduce insurance costs (by up to 90%)

    4) Reduce truck repair and maintenance costs (Brakes, Tires, Suspension) by up to 40%.

    5) Environmentally friendly

    6.a) Reduce journey times as trucks would not need to stop (by up to 8 hours per day) (less traffic congestion, too)

    6.b) Give happiness and social interaction which has been shown to directly impact longevity.

    6.c) Convert the monotony and stress of travel into productive time



    We have seen initial interest from nine investors, angels and firms. For reference, please use the following link: Angel page.

    For those interested in our business model, from a top level it will be curated as a mix of Hardware + Service and Hardware as a Service (Haas) depending on the needs and budgets of those interested in purchasing our kits.

    That said, if you are interested in our pitch deck and financial forecasting, please check out here. We invite you to invest in us. Contact Jonathan.

    For your information, we need 100 000 $USD to raise 3 million $USD to become a public company with a professional capital raising company. Also, can provide us with 50% of the money required to make our research and the government of Québec with the minister of the economy and innovation can invest 25% of the first investment dollars we receive. So, in total our research is already funded at 75% for a particular time. Another example is that Scale AI can invest 1.6 million $CAD of a total cost of 5 million $CAD for an AI project.



    1) Brandon Olsen. Brandon previously led the operations of Waymo Via, Google's automated semi-truck program. He also has over 15 years of trucking leadership, including a director role at Schneider National.

    2) Shishir Gupta. Shishir is the Founder & CEO of StartupLanes, the world's largest freemium accelerator operational in 56 cities across 15 countries. He has raised funds for 300+ companies, and he has invested in 26 startups as an Angel Investor. He is also the author of the International Bestseller business book, Startup Easy which became No.1 seller at Amazon in 11 countries.

    If you are interested in becoming an advisor, contact us.



    We are open to bringing on new team members, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested. Our email is [email protected].

    At Vivify Trucks Inc., we do not believe in discrimination. We judge people by their actions, not by the way they look. From the start, we are an international company. We respect people and intend to treat people well. We believe in equality among the sexes, equality within a team, and we promote a culture of camaraderie. Personal problems, company work problems - the company can provide help. Everyone has a voice and can participate in the decision-making process for the company. Every employee is empowered and encouraged to be an agent to make a positive difference. We intend to have a good family, work, and life balance. In all our activities, we will create a sense of wellbeing. This attitude and view will spill over into the technology we will create.

    Program Memberships


    We are a proud member of the Nvidia Inception Program as well as the Nvidia Drive Developer Program @nvidiadrive.

    We gain cutting-edge technology and access to experts through the @NvidiaAI Inception Program.

    Navflex is there to automate your loading and unloading dock routines. With their easily-deployable automatic trailer (un)loading solution, you can automate your dock in no time and without special installation or infrastructure modifications. If you can (un)load it manually, we can automate it.

    Weather Source will help our business mitigate risks associated with weather.; Their products power the best and brightest organizations that take advantage of weather and climate data for business intelligence. They offer much more than a simple weather forecast—they provide analytic solutions and a curated continuum of quality data.

    Our News


    For our news, we invite you to look at our Facebook page or our Twitter account or our Medium articles. Thanks so much.


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